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About Do, Be, Become
About Do, Be, Become

For health professionals

Do, Be, Become is not currently a registered NDIS provider so we are unable to see NDIA managed NDIS participants.
At times Do, Be, Become have a waitlist. If you are referring to multiple providers please identify this on the referral.

Why choose us

At Do, Be, Become, we work with people of all ages. We also work closely with each individual to develop a suitable management plan.

We come to you

We know that real life doesn’t happen in a clinic which is why we come to you at home, or in your community. Contact us to make a booking!

Online appointments

In many parts of Australia it can be difficult to find an Occupational Therapist available when you are. For many people online therapy can be just as effective as a face to face service.


We work with NDIS self and plan managed participants. Do, Be, Become do not work with NDIA managed participants at this stage.

We stay with you

Unlike other providers we work with people of all ages. You don’t need to find another provider just because you have a birthday.

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